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Rose Goldblatt, CIYT - Director


Rose is a naturally gifted yoga teacher who teaches attention to alignment in a variety of levels of Iyengar Yoga, from gentle to advanced.  Her teaching is professional, yet soft. She is precise, yet fun. She offers challenge, yet compassion.

Rose’s love and dedication to yoga shines through in her teaching. Rose’s students often spend years studying Iyengar Yoga with her, finding sanctuary in the quiet calm that Rose creates in her classes.


Rose’s first yoga teacher was her father, David Goldblatt, who has been teaching yoga since 1976. From the start, Rose loved how yoga stretched and strengthened her body. At the age of 15, she went to a class taught by Patricia Walden, a renowned Senior Level Iyengar teacher, and Rose realized then that yoga would become her life’s work. After nine years intensely dedicated to studying and practicing Iyengar yoga, Rose became the youngest person to ever receive an Iyengar Teacher certification in the United States. In the 13 years of teaching since then, she has completed 4 levels of this rigorous certification, traveled regularly to India to study directly with the Iyengars, and now nurtures an ever growing following of devoted students.


Rose is indebted to all the Senior Level Iyengar teachers who instruct her, particularly Patricia Walden, Joan White, Janice Vien, Lois Steinberg, Manouso Manos, and Kevin Gardiner. She also recognizes Edwin Bryant for his work with her on both the Yoga Sutras and the Bhaghavad Gita. And finally Rose honors Mr Iyengar, whose work inspires her each and every day as a student and a teacher of the eight elements of yoga.


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