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Class Etiquette


Please wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Often in yoga classes we bend upside down so consider this when dressing.

Both the "The Barn" studio on Grove street and Balance Bethlehem offer all of the props required to attend a class, so all you need to do is show up.  Although, many students prefer to have their own mat for personal sanitary reasons, this is not an absolute requirement, as public use mats are available. 

Please turn all cell phones off or to silent and do not wear strong fragrances to class as these things can be very disrupting to others. It is fine to come early to class and also to say hello to friends, but short of that, come in and sit quietly or stretch; the beginning of class is not meant for socialization. Also, it's best not to eat a heavy meal at least 3 hours before attending a class -  having a light snack is fine, but it is still advised to wait at least an hour before attending a class.

It is not necessary to bring water to class; in fact, following the Iyengar tradition, drinking water during class it not advised unless one has a medical condition that requires it.

Please let your teacher know before class if you have any medical issues or concerns, and for female students, please inform your teacher if you are currently pregnant or menstruating.

Yoga is serious, but also lighthearted and forgiving. Please try a class if you have never attended one. If you are new to yoga, we suggest that you start with a level 1 or a gentle class.




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