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Yoga is for everyone. Iyengar Yoga classes are offered to all level students, from beginners to advanced. Iyengar Yoga Teachers make the healing practice of yoga accessible to all through the use of skillful instruction, yoga props, individual pose modifications, and hands-on adjustments. The philosophy of yoga and its positive effect on our daily lives is incorporated into each class.




For those with injuries or who want an easier going practice.

Gentle yoga classes are geared toward people with injuries, older students, but are really for anyone who needs an easier going practice.  The class is still challenging but in a very safe, slow and methodical way.

Gentle classes offer a wide variety of poses that change from week to week and also include classes geared toward breathing exercises (Pranayama).

In Gentle classes, Rose never teaches inversions but tries to teach other ways of achieving the benefits of inversions. It is important to tell Rose of conditions such as shoulder issues, knee issues, back issues and other basic injuries that most of us suffer from.  If you have a more serious problem please contact Rose before attending a class.


Level 1

For beginners or those who want a less strenuous practice.

Level l Classes are a great way to start your Iyengar yoga practice! This level teaches all the foundational actions without becoming too strenuous.

In a level l class you will be doing a wide variety of poses that change from week to week. These include standing poses, abdominal poses, twists, back bends, seated poses, and poses leading up to inversions, as well as breathing exercises (Pranayama).  Students with injuries are easily accommodated, and more importantly, are taught how to work with their specific problems and adapt poses accordingly.

Although a Level l class is a good place to learn the basics, it is also appropriate to stay at this level if it meets one’s needs. 


Level 2

For those who have a foundation in standing poses and want to practice standing poses, inversions, back bends and forward bends.

Level 2 classes are for students with a foundation in Iyengar yoga. In a level 2 class you will be doing a wide variety of poses that change from week to week.  These may include standing poses, abdominals, twists, back bends, seated poses, arm balances, inversions and breathing exercises (Pranayama).

Students should be familiar with basic yoga poses and know, for the most part, how to work appropriately with their own injuries, without pushing it so that the injury gets worse.  For example, in Level 2 classes, inversions are regularly taught, so if someone had a neck injury, they should know what the alternative poses are and how to do them.  Teachers will offer guidance and provide them with additional options and poses as needed.

A philosophy component is present in all of the yoga classes, so, as the class levels increase,  so does the philosophy component.  Classes often include chanting at the beginning of class, and periodically,  a formal time for Sutra study 15 minutes prior to the official start of class is offered.


Level 3

For those who have a regular practice of all the above poses and want to go deeper.

Level 3 classes are for those with a regular practice of the above poses. At this level all the expectations of the level 2 students are increased.  The key here is that students are practicing on their own outside of classes. 


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